SPS Completes Acquisition of EZCheck

Secure Payment Systems ("SPS") today announced the acquisition of Houston-based EZCheck LLC. a leading national provider of electronic check approval, check conversion, and ACH processing services.

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Same Day ACH Credits and Debits - FAQ's

What is Same Day ACH?

Late in 2016 NACHA implemented new operating rules for its' member banks to install a process for receiving banks (RDFI's) to not delay (until later that night) posting of credits (beginning Sept 2016) and debits (beginning Sept 2017) for transactions that they receive from originating banks (ODFI's)...

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Secure Payment Systems Inc BBB Business Review

EZPAY Advantage Video

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Keytag Option Available!

Keytag option available

These handy mini-card + fob can be attached to a key ring, making them perfect for membership cards, loyalty cards, discount cards and more.