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Once you have been provided a User ID and have logged in, you will be able to view summary and detail report data pertaining to your specific merchant location, unless you are a corporate location that is privy to all data for all locations in the chain. Reports will be added weekly according to priority as we continue to update and enhance the online reporting capability.


Merchant Testimonials

RE:  EZPAY Advantage

We have found the Secure Payment Systems " EZPAY Advantage" advance funding service to be a valuable sales tool when dealing with our customers. We've been making sales we would not have made prior to adding this service ... plus we now enjoy sales for higher amounts than before! It is a wonderful option and remain satisfied with the very reasonable approval rates. Being funded 100% up front is a cash flow benefit that cannot be ignored. SPS makes their settlements on time all the time so we would gladly recommend this program to anyone interested in improving their sales and profitability.

Olea Finau
Appliance & Air Solutions
Salt Lake City, UT

RE:  EZPAY Advantage

I have been able to acquire sales that otherwise would not have happened. It is easy to use and my customers love the flexibility with their payments. They are able to have major repair work done on their vehicles to keep them safe and roadworthy. I offer this to all of my customers who are trying to decide how to afford their car repairs. The process is simple and effective and easy to qualify.

Thank you for providing this service for small business.

Best wishes,

Denise Dorais
Owner - Midas Auto Service Experts
Hixson, TN