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I took time yesterday to do internet research on SPS competitors Telecheck and Certegy. I was shocked to find a huge volume of consumer complaints. Many warning consumers against their service which extended to merchants. I saw many complaints warning merchants they were losing a lot of sales and profits just associating with such horrible service providers.

I extended my search to consumer complaints about SPS, and was even more shocked to have found none!!!! Can´t believe it and wouldn´t believe it if I hadn´t done it myself. So the obvious question is what does SPS do so differently which establishes such a high standard of service that there are literally no consumer complaints and no public consumer awareness warnings?

Just curious. It sure gave me confidence in representing you guys. Whatever you are doing, keep doing it. Its working!!!!

John McGrath

I have been a little more active with your Check product lately.

Over the weekend I downloaded 6 machines for one account. And, I have been communicating more often with underwriting. I am very impressed with how SPS functions and look forward to doing more business with you because of the all around professional treatment your people have provided.

Thanks especially to Sandy White, and the tech tag teams of Alexandria, John and Ruben.

Steve Slagle
South East Merchant Services, Inc.

Dear SPS,

Your Customer Service and Tech staff have shown a great jump in professionalism and in the ability to grasp issues and solve them. I always have my Clients call me first on every issue so I can control problems/issues when they arise. Very time consuming and will be a big pain as we are ramping up with new Reps.

I now am totally confident in having all calls go direct to your staff. Never in 7 years in this Industry have I felt comfortable in doing this with ANY other ISO or processor.

If I lived a mile closer Id go and give them all a "big hug"


Ken McCranie